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Ilford – Minibus Hire with Driver 
When booking a minibus for group travel, the major consideration is always on the coach and the cost. The support service, and the driver, is often not taken into consideration at all, even when they are important factors. 
Consider a driver, who may be skilled and competent, but with questionable integrity, driving your group around a state-of-the-art vehicle, when you are attending a concert, or on a nites out party. All the comforts the coach provides cannot compensate if some of your things are stolen from your luggage, when you are out partying. 
Consider another alternative situation, when your group is bound for the airport, hard pressed for time. Your large 53 seater coach is manned by a driver, who is a total novice in handling large vehicles, and is moreover unfamiliar with the area. Such a driver, by dint of his experience in driving a small minibus, may take a narrow city road, to save on distance, and end up struck in traffic, unable to exit, putting the group’s travel plans in jeopardy. 
When you avail our Ilford minibus hire service, none of such situations will come to pass. We offer fully loaded, state of the art Ford Transit, Volvos, Iveco coaches, ands Mercedes 16 seater vehicles. These vehicles come with all comfort features, such as wide push back seats, the latest audio and DVD player, air conditioning and more. More importantly, we have drivers, who are competent and suitable in all aspects.  
Our drivers are skilled and experienced in handling the type of vehicle they navigate. For instance, a driver who handles our double decker 72 seater coach has considerable experience handling large coaches. They are aware of the traffic rules governing their type of vehicles, how to leverage the special features available in the vehicle, and everything else related to their job. 
We give importance to the character and integrity of the drivers we recruit. All our drivers have their credential checked, and are confirmed to be characters with integrity. They are courteous, polite, and of a pleasing and friendly deposition, but at the same time, they remain thorough professionals, who do not slack on the job, or compromise on the safety of the group. 
We also take good care to ensure our drivers are in the right frame of mind, and in full possession of their mental faculties, when they take the trip. We schedule trips with long breaks, so that drivers have adequate rests between trips. We invest in them, and train them, and ensure they are not under undue stress. 
This ensures the driver is able to recognize and move to your destination, even in offbeat locations, very fast, and take the best routes to the destination. At times, a country road to the same destination may be completely free of traffic when the main route is choc-a-block with traffic, but unless your driver is aware of such routes, your group will not be able to use it. 
Our customer support team perfectly complements our drivers, by providing them with critical inputs, such as traffic condition on the road, whether the flight is on time or delayed, and other critical inputs. You may contact our customer support team for any special requests you may have. Our customer support team makes sure it is included, and the driver delivers it to you. 
To book your minibus hire with driver, contact our customer support team or fill up the simple online booking form. Customers who have availed our minibus hire in Ilford have never regretted their decision, and in fact have been delighted by the experience, as evident from their testimonials.